Don’t let unmet expectations steal your travel joy! If you have ever felt disappointment about a destination or a travel sight, this is the Solo Travel Talk podcast episode for you! If you find yourself saying, “That wasn’t worth it” Astrid Clements, your solo travel advisor, has some tips and coaching for you can have a positive travel mindset and manage your expectations no matter what your travel experience. Astrid has a lot of experience turning so-so experiences into winning trips. Get past over-hyped sights and supposed “must-dos” that don’t deliver and get into serendipity, openness, and hassle-free happy expectations.

Mentioned on the show:

- The AstridTravel Club: a place for those who want to experience affordable luxury travel or want to go solo that’s not totally solo. The AstridTravel Club is the sponsor of the Hassle-Free Travel Series.

- Astrid recommends Atlas Obscura for wonderful “small gem” or off the beaten path travel experiences.

- Wikitravel has lots of travel info that is not overly common or run of the mill.

Some of the questions answered on this episode…

  • What to do if I am not enjoying my trip?
  • Are most famous travel destinations over-hyped?
  • How can I find lesser-known travel destinations?
  • How can I have more serendipity in my travel?
  • What is overtourism?
  • What is The AstridTravel Club and how do I join?

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