Astrid Clements has revealed in many (MANY!) of her podcast episodes that one of her super powers is picking hotels. On Astrid's recent trip to Paris, this super power was on display! The Hotel Raphael, located in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris is the utmost in refinement and elegance-- all while meeting Astrid's "affordable luxury" standard! Escape to the beauty and class of this boutique hotel plus hear some of Astrid's tips for finding your gem of a hotel on your next solo travel journey.

Some of the questions answered on this show include:

  • Where should I stay in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris?
  • Where is the best rooftop bar in Paris?
  • What are Paris hotel suites like?
  • How to find a great hotel for solo travel?
  • What are the Les Hôtels Baverez like?

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