If you heard our first show in the Solo Travel Talk Japan Series, you know that your solo travel advisor Astrid Clements had a long visit with a thorough itinerary. Japan offers so much culture, natural beauty, amazing cuisine, architecture, and much more. Astrid visited major metropolitan areas, some more traditional cities, and made sure to include Hiroshima as a destination. Since this was such a fabulous trip, Astrid had a tough time narrowing things down to a Top 10, but she did! And for our listeners who love how-to’s, we have a tip in the middle of the show about itinerary building for solo travelers.

Some of the questions answered on this episode…

- Where should I stay in Tokyo?

- Does Japan have good food tours?

- Should I visit Hiroshima?

- What are the gardens like in Japan?

- Is it worth visiting Mount Fuji?

- How can I make a solo travel itinerary?

- What is the AstridTravel Club

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