Hello Basementeers,

Were back with another new show after working on a few new ones the last few weeks.
For the people living in the cold weather and snow ect, we bring you a show reminding you of warm weather, and...SURF Music. Yes authentic surf songs from when the surd craz was at it's peak.

We have songs from: The T. Bones / The Malibooz / The Hornets / Al Casey and The Super Stocks and many more.  

So get on your boogie board and let's be get gnarly.

Intro: Road Runner-The Ventures
1. Summer Means Fun-Bruce & Terry
2. Driving Around-The Raspberries
3. Trophy Machine-The Rip Chords
4. Road Runner-The Accents
5. Beach Bound-The Cornells
6. Big Wednesday-The Rip Chords 
7. Almost Summer-Celebration
8. Pyramid Stomp-The Pyramids
9. Surf Route 101-The Super Stocks
10. Colt 45 Theme-The T. Bones
11. 500 CC-The Eliminators
12. Surfer Street-The Allison's
13. Bust Out-The Busters
14. Surf Party-Chubby Checker
15. Surfer's Blues-Al Casey
16. Boss Beat-Sandy Nelson
17. The Grind-Gregory Dee & The Avanties
18. Going To Malibu-The Malibooz
19. Surfer's Rule-The Beach Boys
20. Surfer Dan-The Turtles
21. The Bird Is The Word-The Rivington's
22. Surfer's Stomp-The Markettes 
23. Good Thing-The Ventures 
24. California Sun-Frankie Avalon
25. King Of The Surd-The Trashmen
26. Turbine Hydro-The Hornets
27. California Girls-Gen. Johnson & The Chairman
28. Girl On The Beach-Rick Henn
29. Surf Water-The Surf Kings
30. Over The Summer-The Sparks
31. Sun Power-The Markettes
32. Movin'-The Astronauts
33. Mr. Moto-The Lively Ones
34. Where Do The Girls Of The Summer Go-Mark Eric
35. Little Green Jacket-The Archies
36. Loophole-The Royal Coachman
37. Keeoing The Summer alive-The Beach Boys
38. Fail Safe-The Original Surfers
39. When Surfer's Rule-The Fantastic Baggies
40. Night Of The Lions-The Surf Symphony
41. Shokewave-Zobra & The Greeks
Outro: Contact-The Pyramids