Hi Jazzmenteerz ....

Well we made it to 50 shows for the Jazz series, hard to believe really. But to celebrate, we have a special show , it's T.V. Jazz Themes. Will let you hear them while you listen to the show.

We think you will like this edition of Basement Jazz because it was a fun one to put together.
So enjoy the especial show on Basement Jazz.

Intro: The Thin Man-The Video All Stars
1. Peter Gunn Theme-The Video All Stars
2. The Girl From Uncle-Teddy Randazzo
3. The Man From Uncle-Milt DeLugg
4. Route 66-Nelson Riddle
5. 12 O'clock High-Milt DeLugg
6. Mannix-Lalo Shiffrin
7. Andy Griffith Theme-Nelson Riddle
8. The Adams Family-Vic Mizzy
9. Manuelito-Charles Randolph Grean
10. My 3 Sons-Lawrence Welk
11. Flipper-Milt DeLugg
12. The Odd Couple-Neal Hefti
13. The Alvin Show-Nelson Riddle
14. The Young & The Restless-Barry Devorson
15. Daniel Boone-Milt DeLugg
16. Mission Impossible-Lalo Shaffrin
17. Heidi-John Williams
18. 77 Sunset Strip-The Video All Stars
19. Jim On The Run-Lalo Shaffrin
20. The Rockford Files-Mike Post
21. MASH-The Mash & Johnny Mandell
22. The Tonight Show-Doc Severenson
Outro: Lurches Theme-Vic Mizzy