Hello Basementeers....

Well here is the companion show for Basement Surf # 1 and posting this along with the first show so everyone can feel the surf all at once. 
So we present to you the second version of surf music, featuring music from: The Essex / The Rivingtons / Jan & Dean / The T. Bones / The Tan Dems and Fresh and lots more.

So go  get on your Woodie and let's go hang 10 dudes. 

Intro: Raunch Guitar-The Ventures 
1. The Dick Dale Stomp-Dick Dale
2. Surfer's Paradise-The Golden Breed
3. Big Gun Board-The Fantastic Baggies
4. Skateboarding-Jan & Dean
5. Sweet, Sweet Child-The Astronauts
6. Tube City-The Trashmen
7. You Are My Sunshine-The Rivington's
8. Stomped-The Markettes 
9. It's The Summertime-The Archies
10. Devil Surfer-Scott Engle
11. Down At The Beach-Gen. Johnson & The Chairmen
12. Cemetery Stomp-The Essex
13. There's No Surfing In Cleveland-The Euclid Beach Band
14. The Florescent Herse-The Malibooz
15. Riding In My Van-Lou Christie
16. Surfin' Iguana-The Eliminators
17. Surfin' Wild-Jan & Dean
18. Pressure-The Pyramids 
19. Just One More Chance-The Hondells
20. Can You Jerk Like Me-The T. Bones
21. Pray For Surf-The Essex
22. Swamy River-Fresh
23. Beyond The Surf-The Tan Dems
24. This Little Woodie-The Rip Chords
25. Surf Jam-The Beach Boys
26. Like Summer Rain-Jan & Dean
27. Banzi Wash Out-The Catilians
28. Help Me Rhonda-Johnny Rivers
29. Mexican Sunset-The Markettes
30. Good Greaves-The Samdels
31. Lonesome Beat-Sandy Nelson
32. Riding The Waves-Dee Dee Sharpe
Outro: Moondog-The Rhythm Rockets