Hello Basementeers ...

Were back after a 2 week absence with the mish-mash shows, but we have a 2 parter here. 
This is a semi international show called: Hawaiian Pop part 1. 
It's music from or related to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.
Not many people think of pop music coming from the south pacific ocean, but we found some songs that we think all of you might want to hear at least once.

So just think of yourself in a better climate while you hear the show.

Intro: Hawaiian War Chant-Jack Le Delle
1. Let's Go To Hawaii-The Riviera's
2. Hawaii-The Beach Boys
3. Shells-Rosemary Squires
4. Surfin' Craze-Fantastic Baggies
5. 50's Rock & Roll Hawaiian Style-Jay Apae
6. Sweet Lalani-Marty Robins 
7. Who's Gonna Hold Your Hand-Danny Dalton
8. Lovely Hula Hands-Jack Le Delle
9. Hawaiian Boogie-Elmore James
10. Surfin' Hootenanny-Al Casey
11. Surfin' On Waikiki-Jay Epae
12. Keo Lau Kalani-Nelani Olds
13. Hawaiian Starlight-Hawaiian Holiday
14. S' Why Hard-The Royal Drifters
15. Banzi Pipeline-The Astronauts 
16. Heavenly Island-Robert Mandell
17. Hawaiian Boogie-Artie Davis
18. Fair Hawaii-Edna Brown & James Reed
19. Hawaiian War Chant-Jack Le Delle
20. Bop A Hula-Jimmy Newman
21. The Enchanted sea-Alfred Newman
22. I Love A Ukulele-Annette Hanshaw
23. Hawaiian Rough Riders-Kaula & Kapono Beamer
24. Hula Hoop Boogie-J.D. Orr & The Lonesome Valley Boys
25. Hawaiian Paradise Style-Elvis Presley
26. To Each His Own-The Royal Drifters
27. Beautiful Girls & Sunshine-Harry Kapani & The Polynesians
28. Hula Rock-Bill Browning
29. Papio-The Hawaiian Islanders
30. Yellow Rose Surf-The Tides
31. Laguna Limbo-Dave Myers & The Surf Tones
32. Surf's You Right-Al Casey 
33. Out On The Beach On Waikiki-Pauline Kekahuna
Outro: Hawaiian War Chant-Jack Le Delle