Welcome back to RadioXU! Tonight we begin in glittering London Town and end up on the mean streets of New York City...   Playlist:    T. REX: Jeepster T. REX: Rip Off DAVID BOWIE: Hang On To Yourself DAVID BOWIE: Suffragette City ROXY MUSIC: Do The Strand ROXY MUSIC: Editions Of You IGGY & THE STOOGES: Search And Destroy IGGY & THE STOOGES: I'm Sick Of You NEW YORK DOLLS: Looking For A Kiss NEW YORK DOLLS: Trash NEON BOYS: Love Comes In Spurts NEON BOYS: That's All I Know (Right Now) PATTI SMITH: Piss Factory PATTI SMITH: Hey Joe   Visit us @ sonicdaydream.blogspot.com and share a comment on the show!