Welcome back to The Hard Stuff! Join us again as we dive into the rock'n'roll dumpster to recover discarded hard rock nuggets. This time around we'll groove to the sounds of...   Playlist:    AUNT MARY: Stop Your Wishful Thinking IRON KNOWLEDGE: Show-Stopper AGNES STRANGE: Give Yourself a Chance SMOG: Wicked Man EX OVO: Crazy Nature LOVER'S LOVE: After Yours FUSE: Show Me CHICO MAGNETIC BAND: Phantasm KLEPTOMANIA: Moonchild COOL FEET: Mister SMOKESTACK CRUMBLE: Got a Bad Leg LUCIFER'S FRIEND: Horla PROTEIN BROTHERS: Drainpipe GLORY: Holy Roller   Visit us @ sonicdaydream.blogspot.com and share a comment on the show!