Main fiction: "Other People's Things" by Jay O'Connell

Jay O’Connell is a graduate of Syracuse University, Clarion West, Launchpad, and the school of somewhat hard knocks. He’s worked as a software executive, UI/UX designer, business writer, illustrator, animator, graphic artist, construction worker, house-cleaner and burger flipper.

As RAH put it, specialization is for insects.

He lives in—and writes about—a world rapidly approaching the event horizon of the fabled SF singularity. He is fortunate to have a supportive spouse, two grown GLBTQ children, and so many wonderful friends along for the ride as we spiral into the beautiful and dangerous unknown.

This story originally appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Sept/Oct 2014.

Narrated by: Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson began audiobook narration in 2006, and now has over 180 titles at LibriVox, and recording as “Harry Shaw,” more than 100 for Audible. While Mark mainly records sci-fi, fantasy, and horror titles, he has also ventured into the classics, including Hugo and Dostoyevsky.

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