Wherein We Revisit Old Favorites and Delight in New Adventures - Rod Duncan, Queen of All Crows (Map of Unknown Things - continuation of The Fall of the Gaslit Empire series; A.J. Hartley, Guardian (Steeplejack #3); Rachel Caine, Smoke and Iron (Great LIbrary #4)

Show Notes

Today’s Book(s):
The Queen of All Crows
Smoke and Iron

Podcast Recommendations:
The Clockwork Cabaret
The Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast
Texas Steampunk Connection
Gallery of Curiosities

Library Boosters:
Mahometan and Celestial

Library-Agent Bellerophon:
Eilís Phillips

Episode Music courtesy of FreeMusicArchive.Org:
“Come On Brenda, It's The 90s For Chrissakes”, Basic Bitches
“Venus Return”, Half Cocked
“Burn the World”, Grand Mal

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