Due to listener request, but mostly, out of their own desire to talk about it, Morgan Glennon and Rebecca Johnson discuss the Lifetime TV movie titled "Escaping the NXIVM Cult: A Mother's Fight to Save Her Daughter".  And they know what you're thinking...why are they doing an episode on the NXIVM cult? After the Andrea Rojas Character Spotlight, there was feedback wanting more SMALLVILLE-related episodes and they thought that they could justify a movie about Allison Mack's real life insanity starring Supergirl's Maxwell Lord. Allison's Chloe Sullivan was confirmed to exist in the Arrowverse, thanks to "Midvale" as well as the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths television adaptation so even though it's a little bit of a stretch, there is a tie to Supergirl

Official Description: "A mother will stop at nothing to get her daughter back exposes the intricate seductive power of Allison and Keith and the mental and physical abuse inflicted on her daughter."

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