This week we are joined by the wonderful director, Rachel Lee Goldenberg, to discuss the “perfect film,” Thelma & Louise. Her movie choice is actually a direct inspiration for her latest movie, HBO Max’s Unpregnant. That film stars Haley Lu Richardson as a teenage girl who needs to get across state lines to get an abortion, and the only person she can turn to for help is her weird ex-best friend. In this episode, Rachel elaborates on the joy of working with Haley Lu, and how she would sometimes get so deep into character that she would get lost. Rachel explains her storyboarding process by quoting the great Werner Herzog: “Storyboards are for cowards.” Plus, Rachel describes her time making films for the Roger Corman-Esque studio ‘The Asylum,’ and how it honed her ability to come up with big ideas on a small budget.

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You can watch Unpregnant on HBO Max now.

If you haven’t seen Thelma & Louise yet – it’s great!

With April Wolfe and Rachel Lee Goldenberg.