What does the WWE Attitude Era and current KISS concerts have in common? Scotty 2 Hotty will tell ya! The former NXT coach and NXT live event producer talks about his latest run at WWE in Performance Center, including how it started, the talent he helped develop, and the recent changes that prompted him to leave. He also shares stories from his first run at WWE as a performer from his tryout to signing his first contract to the formation of Too Sexy with Brian Christopher and Rikishi. Scotty reveals what inspired him to do the worm in the ring, and why Big Show, Jericho, Chyna, and the Dudleys were the most fun to dance with. He talks stinkface, the Zoo Crew with Albert, Dean Malenko, the karate chop at the end of the worm, and being released from WWE in 2007. Plus, Scotty shares why he decided to return to the indies this year, his plans for the next 12 months, and what he hopes to accomplish as a performer this time around.