It's part one of our best of 2018 year in review. In this first part it's our top 5 E.Ps and top 5 singles released throughout the years. Extra talking about why we like each and every one. But not too much talking, just the right amount! Come back tomorrow for part 2 featuring our top 10 full lengths.

Top 5 E.Ps
"Natural Born Chillers" by The Bennies
"Fool's Gold" by Tree House Fire
"Boomtown United" by Boomtown United
"Million Dollar Reggae" by Double Jabs
"The Brooklyn Sessions" By The Royal Architects

Top 5 Singles
"What If?" by The Backyard Superheroes
"When That Needle Drops" by King Kong Girio
"Make Hey" by The Porkers
"The Girl Who Cried" by Susan Cadogan
"She's Kerosene" by The Interrupters