It's our big finish to 2018! Call it best of, call it a favorites. Here's the 10 full lengths that stuck in our heads the most this year. It was hard to chose after such a phenomenal year of releases. Though that really just speaks to how alive the worldwide ska scene is! Here's to an even more exciting 2019!


Top Ten Favorites

  1. "Plan B's Get Degrees" by The b Sharps
  2. "Intermittent Waves" by Monkey
  3. "Twenty Four Hours" by Les Skartoi
  4. "Ourselves" by The Fuss
  5. "Stormin'" by The Drop Collective
  6. "Ko-Ou-Doku-Mai" by Kemuri
  7. "Spaced Out" by Bumsy & The Moochers
  8. "Grazie Governo" by The Bar Stool Preachers
  9. "I Was Broken When You Got Here" by Call Me Malcom
  10. "Séance! Séance!" by The Hempsteadys