Alex Varkatzas joins Joshua Toomey and Talk Toomey to discuss his new band, Dead Icarus. In the interview, Alex discusses the evolution of his musical journey and upcoming project. Initially revisiting his claim of inventing metalcore, he expresses a desire to infuse the genre with influences from his upbringing. While acknowledging Lamb of God's significance in the NWOAHM scene, he reflects on Atreyu's musical direction, expressing a preference for a heavier sound over an '80s vibe. Despite this, he expresses newfound musical passion, praising his Dead Icarus bandmate Gabe Mangold.

Alex delves into the challenges of developing his voice alongside Brandon Saller, citing admiration for Saller's voice. With an upcoming album slated for a spring release, he discusses the writing and recording process and the goal of blending childhood metal influences into the new material. Reflecting on the emotional nature of singers, he shares insights into his creative process, emphasizing peak performance amidst doubt.

Addressing regrets about not resisting producer Feldman's influence and the difficulty of starting over, Alex recounts a transformative moment encountering M. Shadows at a kids' basketball game. Inspired by Shadows' resilience, he expresses a newfound drive. Committed to fans, he seeks a return to pre-Lead Sails times and clarifies that the track "Sell Out" is a personal reflection rather than a dig at Atreyu. The interview concludes on a positive note, highlighting Alex's renewed appreciation for life and teasing additional exciting content for the audience, including plans to tour starting in the spring.