In this week's episode of the Nu Pod, Toomey and Ro feature an interview with the legendary Max Cavalera, founder of the metal band Soulfly. The focus of the discussion revolves around Max Cavalera's current project, "Go Ahead and Die," and their upcoming tour. The guys express excitement about the intense schedule of the tour and highlight Max Cavalera's dedication to metal, emphasizing his authenticity in living and breathing the genre.

The episode starts with reflections on the new year, with the guys expressing enthusiasm for the upcoming episodes and guests lined up for 2024. They tease a history of Roadrunner Records documentary that is in the works, featuring insights from former employees and artists associated with the influential metal label. The hosts discuss a post shared by Monte Conner, a legendary figure associated with Roadrunner Records, revealing details about the label's attempt to sign Deftones in the early '90s.

Moving on, the guys delve into the metal scene's current landscape, reacting to Mudvayne's Chad Gray's comments about the perceived lack of originality in new music. They challenge Gray's perspective, citing several bands that, in their opinion, bring fresh and innovative elements to the genre. The hosts also touch upon Fear Factory's plans to release a new studio album in 2024 with vocalist Milo Sylvestro, expressing their anticipation for the project.

In a new segment, Ro introduces a metal-themed comic book called "Belzebubs." They provide details about the humorous storyline featuring a black metal family. The guys close the episode with a discussion on Godsmack, debating whether the band falls within the nu metal genre or not, considering their distinctive sound and position in the early 2000s rock scene.

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