Sonny Sandoval joined Joshua Toomey and Throwback Throwdown to let us all in on the 20th Anniversary of "Satellite" tour that will begin in August and go through October 2021. Sonny and Joshua reflect on releasing the album on Sept. 11 2001 and the tragedy of that day. Sonny speaks of working with Howard Benson and how many bands wanted that "Satellite" sound after the album was released. Sonny discusses faith and how he was unaware of the underground Christian Music scene. 

Fernanda Lira of Crypta joins Throwback Throwdown with Toomey to discuss their debut release "Echoes of the Soul". Fernanda talks about taking the pandemic year to write and perfect the songs. Fernanda let's us in on her influences and her love of the Florida Death Metal scene. We also talk about being able to get the album on CD, LP and even cassette.