TMS Musicos welcomes to the show, Roland Sandoval, head band director at O'Connor High School. Mr. Sandoval has been the head director at O'Connor for the past 14 years and the O'Connor band program has won 19 consecutive sweepstakes with over 400 band students enrolled just this year! We talk about the importance of the school band program in a musicians life and the importance of having a great system and team of directors in the program. We also get into how he started playing, why he transitioned from one instrument to another. The first song he REALLY wanted to learn to play when he first started out. We also talk about his first teaching positions and his work with the Sea World Band.
How he got his first paying gig as a sax player and what tejano musicians he went to school with.
Roland and his staff have done so much to inspire young musicians and continues to be an advocate for the arts in the school system.

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