Playlist N°18
Du 30 avril au 7 mai 2022

INTRO 00:00
BLAKE DANTIER: You Don't Mix Whiskey 00:56
BLAKE DANTIER: Wrong 03:57
JOHNNY WOODS: Country Queen 07:11
JODY MEDFORD: She Can’t Cook 11:06
MO ROBSON: Mona Lisa 15 :02
ELLIAH HEIFETZ: Buzzin’ 18 :47
FREDDIE PATE: The Gospel According to Jones 22:09
DILLON VANDERS: For Peat’s Sake 26:52
XAVIER JOSEPH: Straight To You 30:05
ROXI COPLAND: Two Shots In 33:23
THE WAYMORES: Bad Shit Crazy 37:03
KELLY WILLIAMS: The Family Table 40:42
LARISSA BOYD Alone In Your Mind 44:53
JON HOPE Fort Worth Callin’ Dallas 49:03
MICHAEL ANTHONY & Wild Boys Broken Duckfet: My Budweiser is an Angel 53:33
WHEELER WALKER JR: F… By A Country Boy 59:47

OUTRO: Campfire 59:34