INTRO 00:00
DALE WATSON: I've Always Been Crazy 00:31
MATT HORAN: You Ain't Country 04:30
PAYTON HOWIE: Jail and Jesus 07:32
DAVID ADAM BYRNES: One Honky Tonk Town 11:13
DUSTY MOATS: Holding On 14:55
HANK & ELLA: Dancin' with The Stars 19:08
CHARLEY CROCKETT: Make Way For A Better Man 23:07
DALLAS WAYNE: If These Walls Could Cry 26:09
JOSHUA HEDLEY: Broke Again 30:04
ED EARL: How Cowgirls Say Goodbye 32:57
STEVE ANTHONY: Honky Tonk Proud 37:14
STEPHANIE QUAYLE: Lone Ranger 41:28
LAIN TOMLINSON: That Ain’t Love 45:00
STEEL SCARECROW: Sleepin’ Sideways 48:38
PROUD COUNTRY: Need A Little Lovin’ 52:30
REBEL HEART: Country Rockin' Tonight 55:45
OUTRO: Campfire 59:02