2000 AD Prog 2073 is the ideal issue for new readers, with seven top-notch Thrills - some complete and others at part one! So if you've ever wanted to start reading 2000 AD but didn't know where to start, then this is the issue for you - and the official 2000 AD podcast takes you under the hood as we talk to some of the creative minds behind this latest jumping on Prog!

Rob Williams chats the return of the murderous Judge Pin in Judge Dredd: Fit For Purpose, Dan Abnett and Steve Yeowell discuss the new Sinister Dexter story The Salad of Bad Cafe, and we talk to Emma Beeby about her Judge Anderson story with David Roach, Undertow. Plus we welcome the winners of 2017's Thought Bubble script and art competitions, Laura Bailey and Paul Williams, to talk about their first Future Shock for 2000 AD and what it's like to stand in front of an audience and have your work critiqued!

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