Leadership coach and tech pioneer Ellen Petry Leanse has spent 35 years driving innovation at Apple, Google, Facebook, and with dozens of tech startups. Her current role as Chief People Officer at Lucidworks positions her to help humanize the face of AI through forward-looking leadership and a commitment to "Honor People" through ethical technology.

In her nine years at Apple, Ellen served on the Macintosh launch team (1984) and led the company's pioneering work with digital communities (1985). Her work since then has spanned entrepreneurship, investing, and strategy consulting. Today, combining decades of perspective with insights from neuroscience, design, and mindfulness practice, Ellen guides companies and individuals to “think different” about design, impact, and using business as a canvas for positive change.

An author, Stanford instructor, and respected Silicon Valley influencer, Ellen is passionate about intentional living and how our brains can shape or interfere with our sense of purpose. She's been featured on CNN and in publications including Time, Vogue.com, Forbes, and Business Insider, where her essay on the world "Just" has received nearly five million views. Her book, The Happiness Hack, shares brain-aware paths to focus, connection, and life satisfaction. She frequently speaks on inclusion, equality, neuroscience, and the future of innovation.