Michael Price is one half of the brilliant composing team behind BBC's Sherlock. That enough should recommend this episode as a must for any Sherlock fan, let alone music fan. He's composed, edited, and helped with dozens of amazing scores including Lord of the Rings, Band of Brothers, and Casino Royale. He joins Babes Curly, Ardy, Marie, Maria, Amy, and Sarah for a delightful chat about everything Sherlock and beyond. How did he and David get started with the score? What are their favourite tracks? Just how much does he love the fan orchestra, and does he have a cat? Afterwards Babes Curly, Maria, Ardy, Amy, and Turk chat about their favourite tracks, the pilot, Series 3 hopes, and even a bit about CBS' Elementary. It's full of laughs, quirks, and tons of Sherlock Holmes loving. Note: You can learn more about and submit things to The Art of Deduction Fanbook by visiting their information page [] It's in support of The Undershaw Preservation Trust ()