Babes Lyndsay, Melinda, and Sarah chat with the brains behind the Moriarty series from Image Comics, Daniel Corey.
 that flips the Sherlock Holmes universe on its head--James Moriarty, its sinister and conflicted star, is now the protagonist.  Inspired in part by great Professor Moriarties including Laurence Olivier in The Seven Per Cent Solution and Daniel Davis in Star Trek: TNG, Corey set out to solve the mystery, who IS Professor Moriarty, since "He's mentioned here and there, but there's only two stories that involve Professor Moriarty and he's never actually onstage."
Who is the Professor in the absence of Holmes, and will his criminal empire ever come to fruition?  Did pop culture create the evil Professor as much as Sir Arthur did?  Are the Sherlock Holmes mysteries great literature or great pulp?  We chat over the myth that is Moriarty, some of our favorite versions of the character, and the ever-necessary elements of adventure and derring-do.
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