The Baker Street Babes want to thank everyone who was so very kind to us at 221B Con and introduce our newest Babe at the same time we give you our second annual live episode:Ashley Polasek and Sherlockian Film Through the AgesIn this podcast, we discuss Watson's progression from absentee to "life partner," trends in Sherlockian adaptations through the ages, how much better Sherlock Holmes: A Case of Evil should have been, the vastly underrated importance of Nigel Bruce, and much more!  We thank the 221B Con organizers very kindly for allowing us live podcast time, and everyone who was there in the audience for being absolute peaches.Ashley Polasek is an “Aca-Sherlockian,” happily living at the crossroads of academia, traditional Sherlockiana, and contemporary fandom. She has spoken about Sherlock Holmes at academic conferences across the US, UK, and continental Europe, and has published in peer reviewed journals and academic texts relating Holmes to a multitude of literary and film studies topics; she will graduate with her PhD on adaptations of Sherlock Holmes in July of 2014. Ashley is a member of both The Diogenes Club of Washington D.C. and the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, and has attended BSI and ASH events for many years. She has published in the Baker Street Journal, and was a speaker at the “Behind the Canonical Screen” conference in Los Angeles in 2012; she will co-edit (with Lyndsay Faye) the conference’s companion volume for the BSI Press. Ashley has been interviewed about Sherlock Holmes on The Baker Street Babes podcast, CNN International, and CBS Sunday Morning. If you follow Babes, Ashley can be found on Twitter @SherlockPhd!
Music: "Happy Alley" by Kevin MacLeod