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Here’s the playlist:(Background Music: Ace Vypyr by The Moths)

I Just Might Crack by April March with The Makers

I Walked All Night by The Cramps

Up All Night by Black Mambas

Broken Clocks by Brad Marino

One More Moment Gone by Eric Amble & Roscoe’s Gang

Gonna Love My Baby Now by T. Tex Edwards & The Swingin’ Kornflake Killers

The Hippies Killed the Polka Stars by The Polkaholics


(Background Music: Dragnet Polka by Kenny Bass & His Polka Poppers)

Upside Mine by Billy Childish & Holly Golightly

Come into my Life by Thee Mighty Caesars

Elevator by Boss Hog

Little Blonde Girl by Any Dirty Party

Shanty Tramp by The A-Bones

Dirty Mother For You Don’t You Know by Henry Townsend & Roosevelt Sykes


(Background Music: Polygraph Test by The Guy Hamper Trio)

Mot Alt Som Du Ar For by Djävulen Möblerar Om

Make Some Time With You by John Schooley

Dig Me, Baby by E.T. Explore Me

Mrs. McKee by The Boss Mustangs

Me and J.G. Ballard by Dan Melchior’s Broke Review

Bothering Me by The Morlocks

(Background Music: Ghost Train by The Stompin’ Riff Raffs)