On this latest breathtaking episode of The Big Enchilada, I take a mask from the ancient gallery and I WALK ON DOWN THE HALL …

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Mixcloud is now the official home of Radio Mutation Here’s the playlist:

(Background Music: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by Wall of Voodoo)

Mask Search by The Fall

The World is Falling by The Woggles

Jump Into the Fire by Ty Segall

Good Day to Die by He Who Cannot Be Named

Garbage Man by Bobby Rush

(Background Music: Lurking in the Shadows by Los Straitjackets)

Masked Marvel by Stack O’ Lees

Bird Doggin’ by The A-Bones

Bald Head, Hairy Guitar by Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers

Cesspool by The Electric Mess

The Politicians by 50 Watt Whale

Mask by Iggy Pop

(Background Music: Perry Mason Theme by Bloodless Pharaohs)

What’s Behind the Mask by The Cramps

Little Sister by The Wailers

Don’t You Just Know It by The Sonics

Roaches by Masked Man & The Agents

La Changuita by Eddie Dimas

Sunshine Death Mask by The Barbarellatones

(Background Music: Paranoia by The Malarians)