Intro Song, Bryan Lee, “Blues Singer”, Katrina Was Her Name First Set – Sugaray Rayford, “Go Back Home To The Blues”, Dangerous The Knickerbocker All-Stars , “Go Back Home To The Blues”, Go Back Home To The Blues Ruff Kutt Blues Band, “Going To Bluesville”, That’s When The Blues Begins Second  Set – D’Mar And Gill, “Fell In Love With The Blues”, Take It Like That Ben Levin, “I Feel So Good”, Before Me Terry Hanck, “I Still Get Excited”, I Still Get Excited Third  Set – Lucky Peterson, “Giving Me The Blues”, Live At The 55 Arts Club Berlin Smiling Jack Smith, “I Found The Blues Again”, This Blue Before Gracie Curran & Friends, “Stay Up!”, Come Undone Fourth Set – Brandon Santini, “Help Me With The Blues”, This Time Another Year Jimmy Pritchard, “Thank You All For Giving Me The Blues”, Shoppin’ For The Blues Mighty Mike Schermer, “Blues In Good Hands”, Blues In Good Hands