Adam and Wynn caught up with David Recordon and other Facebook developers to talk about their wide range of open source projects including Tornado, Hip-Hop, and Three20 as well as OpenGraph and OAuth 2.0.

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Show Notes:

  • David Recordon Open Source developer at Facebook, co-creator of OAuth
  • Paul Bucheit Co-founder of FriendFeed, creator of Gmail
  • Haiping Zhao Creator of Hip-Hop at Facebook
  • Scott MacVicar Developer on Hip-hop at Facebook
  • Owen Yamauchi - Three20 developer at facebook
  • Joe Hewitt Original Three20 developer, creator of Firebug
  • Tornado - Non-blocking web server built in Python
  • epoll - the Linux magic at the heart of Tornado
  • EventMachine Ruby approach to evented, asynchronous web
  • Node.js - You do listen to this show, right?
  • Hip-hop PHP - Pre-compile your PHP into lightning fast C++
  • Three20 - iPhone framework extracted from Facebook’s iPhone app
  • iPhone OS 4.0 Next version of Apple’s mobile operating system
  • OpenGraph Enables web sites to become rich objects in social graphs
  • OAuth2 New simpler mobile and desktop-friendly version of everybody’s favorite authentication method
  • f8 Facebook’s developer conference

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