Fifteen Years have passed since a man-made apocalypse destroyed the world as we know it [Clip from Pilot]
Luke and Maria, two youths from an off-grid outpost called The Refuge, in rural Maine, have banded together with Marc, from a rival group called the Dwellers, in their quest to stop a military force called the Republic [Clip from Ep1]
Their Guide is John Prophet, a war-hero from an earlier time, whose force of will makes him as loathed as he is loved. Prophet, Luke, Maria, and Marc are joined by Marc’s Mother, Caitlin, and Luke and Maria’s Mother, Sam, as they survive incredible challenges, including the descent of whitewater rapids [another clip]
The motley band borrows a sailboat and make it to the ruined city of Borderton, but there things fall apart. The gangsters who run the city betrayed the party to Saul, a megalomaniac who has overthrown the Republic and is hell-bent at dominating the world. Saul captures Prophet’s nuclear weapon, and returns it to his aircraft carrier, the USS Citadel. In the so-called battle of Borderton, Sam is killed in a firefight, Caitlin is left behind, and John disappears as an earthquake rocks the City. As the curtain raises, the youths – Luke, Marc, and Maria – are struggling to survive, along with Abraham, a scientist who John helped save. All seems lost in this desperate city, yet, Abraham has secrets to be revealed, and the mettle of our young heroes will be proven.
And Now, Season 3
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