From talking representation in modern cinema, to discussing Jim Broadbent's bum, you can't say that this week's Empire Podcast doesn't cover all the bases. Or whatever they say in cricket.

In the podbooth, Chris Hewitt is joined by Terri White, Ben Travis, and Nev Pierce to talk about a great many things, from Henry Cavill's possible departure from the DCEU to Terri's desire to open a pub. They also tackle a listener's question, and there's an extended reviews section in which they tackle Crazy Rich Asians, The Predator, and King Of Thieves. And any budding filmmakers should listen to Nev talk about how he is forging a career as a director.

Then, Chris talks to Crazy Rich Asians star Constance Wu, and King Of Thieves duo Michael Caine and Ray Winstone about a wide range of subjects. Includes: Chris trying, and failing, to pluck up the courage to do a Michael Caine impression in front of Actual Michael Caine, and the single greatest name drop in Empire Podcast history. Enjoy.