Can we offer you a libation to celebrate the closing of our shared narrative? That, sadly, is not what Dan Jolin nor Chris Hewitt said to the great Werner Herzog when they chatted to him for this episode. Chickens. Yes, the legendary German director, owner of the most distinctive voice in movies, is our third and final guest this week, and in the second part of the pod he is as delightfully Werner Herzogian as you might expect, as he talks to Dan and Chris about being in lockdown, making Star Wars, and his new movie, Family Romance LLC.

Back in the virtual podbooth, Chris, Helen O'Hara, Amon Warmann and James Dyer discuss the week's movie news, including the sad death of the legendary Carl Reiner, and review Hamilton, Lost Transmissions, and Hamilton. Mainly Hamilton, to be honest. Did you think we would throw away our shot? Nope! No shots were thrown away in the making of this podcast, we can assure you.