Does the entire world love a game that you despise? You are not alone! We invited games journalist and brave contrarian Mitch Krpata on the show this week to discuss his criticism of Ocarina of Time, the value of terrible games, love/hate relationships with indie games, and more.

Discussion starters: - What are some games you have disliked that everyone else seems to enjoy? - Is there a value in playing a game you despise? - What are the dangers of universally praised games?

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- Run time: 49 min 57 sec - "Hey! Listen! The Case Against Ocarina of Time," by Mitch Krpata, via Joystick Division - Insult Swordfighting blog by Mitch Krpata

- "Review: Limbo," by Mitch Krpata via The Boston Phoenix- "Mass Effect: Massive Interface Fail," by Krystian Majewski via Game Design Reviews - Music provided by Brad Sucks