It seems like most people have their
favorite examples of the "so bad it's good" class of film. Low-budget,
occasionally self-aware, "B movies" often form strong followings of
people who love them for their effort and entertainment value. This
week, we discuss a recent article by Christian Nutt of Gamasutra that
examines the obstacles and efforts in the creation of "B" video games.
We invite you to join our conversation about chainsaw arms, "Sweet" dialogue, and NPH by commenting on this post. As always, you can find the original article in the show notes for your enjoyment.Some discussion starters:- Have you ever enjoyed a game you knew was poorly designed or implemented? Would you consider this a "B" videogame?- Is it possible to have "B" game mechanics or must "B" games rely on thematic implementation?- Can you think of any games that you considered "A" level when they were released, that now seem campy or "B" level?To listen to the podcast:- Subscribe to the EXP Podcast via iTunes here. Additionally, here is the stand-alone feed.-
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