We try to stretch, maybe do some breathing exercises, and envision that "happy place" in our mind's eye, but even the best of us experience game-related grumpiness.  This week, thanks to Mitch Krpata's recent and refreshingly honest appraisal of his video game raging, we talk about games that make us mad.  We touch on everything from specific games to the ways frustration manifests itself, while trying to keep fury-related flashbacks to a minimum.  As always, don't just stew in silence; feel free to burst into the comments with your thoughts on angry gaming.Some discussion starters:- What specific games make you mad?  Are there certain franchises that continually rile you up?- How do specific games systems foment anger?  Conversely, are there certain types of mechanics or dynamics that are naturally calming?- Let's hear your horror stories: Broken controllers?  Smashed monitors?  Lifelong bans?  What are the consequences of Hulking out?To listen to the podcast:- Subscribe to the EXP Podcast via iTunes here. Additionally, here is the stand-alone feed.- Listen to the podcast in your browser by left-clicking here. Or, right-click and select "save as link" to download the show in MP3 format.- Subscribe to this podcast and EXP's written content with the RSS link on the right.Show notes:- Run time: 28 min 42 sec- "All the Rage," by Mitch Krpata, via Insult Swordfighting- Music provided by Brad Sucks