There is a sub-genre of point-and-click adventures with a huge fan-base. Escape the Room puzzles, as the name implies, fill confined spaces with puzzles that hold the secrets of escape. Glyphs might be hidden in couches, parts of a clock could be hidden in a potted plant. From cars, to closets, to art spaces in Japan town, Escape the Room puzzles create a unique experience by hiding mystery behind the seemingly mundane, all in close proximity. Join this week on the podcast while Scott, myself, and a few guests, explore the design and appreciation of room escape games.

Show notes:

- Runtime: 1 hour 7 mins 12 secs

Submachine Series by Mateusz Skutnik.

Real Escape Game is produced by SCRAP Entertainment

- Music by The Underscore OrkestraKevin MacLeod, and Latché Swing.