It took two months, but we finally did it: Jorge and I both finished Grand Theft Auto V. It was a massive game by any measure: its development time, the scope of its open world, it's sales numbers, etc. This week we devote an entire episode to GTA V's sprawling pseudo-Californian world. We cover everything from targeting mechanics to the game's unrelentingly degenerate cast and throw in some classic open-world stories for good measure. GTA V sparked some strong opinions from us, so we're interested to hear what you thought. Feel free to jump into the comments with your stories from Los Santos.- Subscribe to the EXP Podcast via iTunes- Find the show on Stitcher- Here's the show's stand-alone feed- Listen to the podcast in your browser by left-clicking here. Or, right-click and select "save as link" to download the show in MP3 format.- Subscribe to this podcast and EXP's written content with the RSS link on the right.Show notes:- Runtime: 54 min 52 sec- "Two Important Things GTA V Is Still Getting Wrong," by Kirk Hamilton, via Kotaku- Music by: Brad Sucks