To his personal shame, Scott had never played any of the Halo games. So we decided to drop into the franchise from orbit, pull Halo one from cryo, and mount up as Master Chief. Scott and I have just finished playing the first two Halos (on Legendary mode) and want to take a moment to discuss our thoughts on the birth of a truly epic franchise. Podcast topics this week include the dangers of zombies, complex level design growing pains, purple corridors, and the birth of a Spartan legend. We encourage you to leave your own thoughts on the franchise in the comments section below, though please avoid Halo 3/ODST spoilers.Discussion Topics:- How did you first feel about Halo 1 and 2 when you first played them.- Is it hard to visit older titles? Do you find past mistakes become more tiresome? Do sequels forever take the place of their predecessors?- How did Bungie manage to construct such a important franchise with such an influence on the history of game development? How well does the beginning of the franchise hold up today?To listen to the podcast:- Subscribe to the EXP Podcast via iTunes here. Additionally, here is the stand-alone feed.- Listen to the podcast in your browser by left-clicking the title. Or, right-click and select "save as link" to download the show in MP3 format.- Subscribe to this podcast and EXP's written content with the RSS link on the right.Show notes:- Run time: 36 min 25 sec- Music provided by Brad Sucks