In an effort to explore the depths of choice and human ethics, morality systems have become commonly used tool in game design. Morality can be a deeply complicated and heated topic of discussion, so how do games successfully tackle this subject with players? Recently J. Matthew Zoss asked this question of some influential game designers in his piece on Gamasutra. Fittingly, GameSetWatch's (and Gamasutra's) Andrew Vanden Bossche joins us this week as a guest host to delve into the "rights and wrongs" of morality in games. As usual, you can find the inspirational article in the show notes, as well as links to more of Andrews work. Show notes:- Run time: 40 min 48 sec- "Ethics 101: Designing Morality in Games," by J. Matthew Zoss via Gamasutra- Design Diversions, biweekly column by Andrew Vanden Bossche via GameSetWatch- Mammon Machine- Music provided by Brad Sucks