To commemorate the 73rd Anniversary of the Alien Spacecraft crash in Roswell, New Mexico, and The 51st Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing, Jason Cousineau and Eric Renderking Fisk discuss Donald Trump's answer about disclosure and whether or not he will spill secrets about Extraterrestrials in America.

Jay and Eric also talk about the conflicting conspiracy theories about The Moon. Is it a hollow Space Station like an Ancient Alien Death Star, or is it a resource and outpost that's currently being exploited by prospectors from a civilization from beyond our solar system?

The show ends on a philosophical debate on whether or not we're ready to know some of the answers to the most intriguing questions of all time. Are we capable of handling the answers to questions such as; Are we alone in the Universe? Have ancient aliens altered the course of our history and changed the direction of our evolution? Who is what is God and what is our purpose in life and what is our place in The Universe?

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