In this Paranormal Post edition of The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show, Jason Cousineau and Eric Fisk begin by talking about an exorcism gone wrong in Sri Lanka, leading to a young girl's death.

This news item begins the conversation about the actual meaning of the word 'Exorcism' and how almost every religion in the world has special rituals and sacraments to ward off spiritual infestations. How is a demon possession of a person different or the same as a ghost haunting a specific item or place?

... And somehow, we get into a debate if Charles Manson was a mere product of MKULTRA, just plain evil, or possessed by demonic forces.

At the end of the show, Jason and Eric invite you, our listeners, to send your own stories of exorcisms and hauntings to read in a future episode.

The Paranormal Post from The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show is brought to you by our listeners. Just like NPR... but we have better-looking Tote Bags.

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