On episode number 92 of the Metaphysical Connection, we host author Mark Stavish. Stavish has penned nearly 30 books on varied topics within the esoteric and paranormal realm. His latest book is Egregores : The Occult Entities that Watch Over Human Destiny. Egregores (Egg/ruh/gores) are autonomous psychic entities created by a collective group mind.

An egregore can be formed by a small group, such a coven, or an entire nation vibrating at a synchronous frequency level. These entities can be created either consciously or unconsciously, take on physical form and exert an enormous degree of control over the human race.

This is an important book because it explains, in accessible terms, the anomalous behavior that we witness in pop culture, media and politics. Egregores can be constructive or destructive depending on the intention that forms them. As the story of Pandora teaches us, once these supernatural forces are brought into the world, they may be difficult to get back into the box!