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Phoebe Darqueling returns to The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show to discuss her most recent book; “Fairy Tales Punk'd: An Illustrated Mythpunk Anthology.”

What are the origins of original fairy tales that have been sanitized and softened for modern audiences? How did these dark cautionary folk tales of ancient lore change while being transcribed by the likes of The Brothers Grimm? And how well do we really know “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Pinocchio?”

How does an author take an original fairy tale and turn it around and repurpose it for the realm of Steampunk or Dieselpunk?

From Amazon: Steampunk, Dieselpunk, and Cyberpunk - oh my! If you like fractured fables and mythic mash-ups, you'll love this collection of reimagined fairy tales by 13 international authors. You'll find retellings of stories you recognize as well as a few you've probably never seen before, all of them with a punk subgenre twist.

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'Fairy Tales Punk'd: An Illustrated Mythpunk Anthology'

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