Being an activist is all about changing the world: from the structures that shape our societies down to the daily conversations we have with each other. Deray McKesson has been active in Black Lives Matter and he is closely involved with people and entire communities both on the ground, and online, and has worked in and with schools in various parts of the US. He also hosts the podcast Pod Save the People, discussing the important topics of each week with a host of experts, community organizers and journalists. He’s therefore on the forefront of some of the most important social changes and discussions taking place in the US today.

Deray talked to us about masculinity in the context of his work as an activist, his race and his sexuality.

We also discuss some of the news of the past week: namely, Harvey Weinstein, and we hear from the author Mark Manson as we try to understand the culture of silence surrounding Weinstein, from men as well as from women.

Host & producer: Nas aka Nastaran Tavakoli-Far

Co-producer: Cady Voge

Sponsor: Casper, state-of-the-art mattresses

Guests: Deray McKesson, Black Lives Matter activist, host of the podcast Pod Save the People

Mark Manson, author

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