Hit podcast Slow Burn just spent their second season looking at the saga around Bill Clinton’s impeachment. They revisited Bill Clinton’s affair with then 22-year old unpaid intern Monica Lewinsky, and looked at the varied reactions from feminists, as well as Juanita Broderick’s allegations that the president had raped her.

The season went out at while Brett Kavanaugh’s senate confirmation hearings were happening, which made for especially timely and important listening, and allowed the audience to compare current events to those of the recent past, with often some of the same politicians and political operatives being involved in both situations.

We wanted to know about how making this season affected Leon’s own perceptions of gender in US politics, and how he looks back on President Clinton as a result.

Leon Neyfakh, host of the podcast Slow Burn and journalist https://slate.com/slow-burn

Host and producer:
Nas aka Nastaran Tavakoli-Far

Daniel Carroll

Sam Baker and Jonathan Blackwell

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