How to setup an audio interface to play guitar on your Mac computer - Blue Cat Audio chronicle

As part of a collaboration with Blue Cat Audio (, editor of CAM software for the studio and for the guitar, here is a new CAM (Computer Assisted Music) column. or CAG (Computer Assisted Guitar), as Guillaume Jeulin, the founder of Blue Cat Audio, likes to say.

This time it is the connection and configuration of an audio interface to a Mac that we look at step by step.

Note that the example of the software used is that of Axiom, Blue Cat Audio's guitar product, but what is explained and shown is valid whatever your product of choice: Neural DSP, Positive Grid, IK Multimedia, etc.

Themes discussed:

  • Connecting the interface to the Mac
  • Configuring the Mac
  • Explanation and setting of the buffer parameter
  • Level calibration
  • Sound demonstration

Setting up an audio interface to a Mac to play guitar

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Until the next gear chronicle or interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

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