Micoud Guitares - Presentation an demo by Marwan Boulaïd in Puteaux

Presentation and demonstration of two guitars by Micoud Guitares (micoud-guitares.com) by musician Marwan Boulaïd (marwanboulaidmusic.com) in the presence of luthier Baptiste Micoud.

Micoud Guitares demo concert

Sound, video and edit: Philippe Camus

The Guitar Channel podcast

The audio version of the video is available in the podcast on iTunes, Spotify and below:

The Guitar Channel Podcast

About the demo concerts

As always, the Puteaux Guitar Festival included demo concerts, giving the opportunity to discover the instruments exhibited at the guitar show organized by The Guitar Channel during the festival in the magnificent Jean-Baptiste Lully conservatory.

The filming and editing of the demo concert videos is 100% financed by The Guitar Channel

It's an investment that's made because it's a great way of promoting the show for exhibitors who want it at no extra cost, for the demo musicians, for the festival and for the guitar in general.

The professional musicians are paid by the conservatory for their performance at the concerts.

List of exhibitors at the 2023 Puteaux Guitar Show organized by La Chaîne Guitare

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