In my opinion, no group in the history of pop music went on as drastic a journey as the band Talk Talk. Beginning in the early 80s as an excellent and capable synth-pop group in a similar mold as Human League and Duran Duran, Mark Hollis, Lee Harris and Paul Webb's style changed over the course of five albums into something that stymied critics resolved to calling "post-rock." In the beginning of the 90s, the band called it quits with lead singer Hollis retiring into complete anonymity. In 2002 bassist Paul Webb collaborated with Portishead singer Beth Gibbons for an album under the name Rustin Man called Out of Season and just a couple weeks ago, Rustin Man came through with the follow up (17 years later), Drift Code. In this rare conversation, Paul discusses the making of Drift Code, what the Rustin Man project is, and we get some insights on the music of Talk Talk. Enjoy!